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Priya Sharma

Classical Indian Yoga


Hi! My name is Priya Sharma. I am an Indian currently living in The Netherlands. It is because of my husband’s work that we got acquainted with this beautiful country; inhabited by some very warm people. It is in this spirit of warmth, fellowship and gratefulness that I look forward to sharing my practice and knowledge of yoga with you all.


I have always been a teacher and a trainer, learning and sharing have always interested me but this becomes ‘sacred’ when it comes to sharing the knowledge of ‘yoga’.


I was born in a place and family where right from the time I could remember, I have seen people practicing one or the other form of yoga but it was only about 8 years ago that I decided to explore yoga and meditation.


In 2010, for the first time I got to experience and learn vipassana meditation at Igatpuri, India. This I think was one of the best things that I had ever experienced and now I wanted to know more, explore more. Same year I started my practice of yoga. As a child I had learnt a few yoga asanas at school and continued my practice with that background. Despite all this I wanted to delve deeper, formally learn and really study yoga because as they say ‘half knowledge is dangerous’. As destiny would have it, after a long wait, last year I did get an opportunity to study ‘classical yoga’ and successfully complete my 900 hrs. Teachers Training Course with some of the very good teachers at the world’s oldest yoga school – The Yoga Institute, Santacruz.


Though I am also a certified (by the Quality Council of India) level 2 yoga teacher I feel that I am more of a sincere student of yoga than a teacher because ‘yoga’ is not just about keeping one’s self fit - physically and mentally; it is a philosophy – a way of life, a journey and I invite you to be a fellow traveler on this beautiful journey!







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