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Classical Indian Yoga

"Hi! My name is Priya Sharma. I am an Indian currently living in The Netherlands. It is because of my husband’s work that we got acquainted with this beautiful country; inhabited by some very warm people. It is in this spirit of warmth, fellowship and gratefulness that I look forward to sharing my practice and knowledge of yoga with you all.

I have always been a teacher and a trainer, learning and sharing have always interested me but this becomes ‘sacred’ when it comes to sharing the knowledge of ‘yoga’.

I was born in a place and family where right from the time I could remember, I have seen people practicing one or the other form of yoga but it was only about 8 years ago that I decided to explore yoga and meditation.

In 2010, for the first time I got to experience and learn vipassana meditation at Igatpuri, India. This I think was one of the best things that I had ever experienced and now I wanted to know more, explore more. Same year I started my practice of yoga. As a child I had learnt a few yoga asanas at school and continued my practice with that background. Despite all this I wanted to delve deeper, formally learn and really study yoga because as they say ‘half knowledge is dangerous’. As destiny would have it, after a long wait, last year I did get an opportunity to study ‘classical yoga’ and successfully complete my 900 hrs. Teachers Training Course with some of the very good teachers at the world’s oldest yoga school – The Yoga Institute, Santacruz.

Though I am also a certified (by the Quality Council of India) level 2 yoga teacher I feel that I am more of a sincere student of yoga than a teacher because ‘yoga’ is not just about keeping one’s self fit - physically and mentally; it is a philosophy – a way of life, a journey and I invite you to be a fellow traveler on this beautiful journey!"

Classical Indian Yoga

De les start met de volgende mantra in het Sanskriet:

  • May we all be protected (Student and Teacher)
  • May we all be nourished
  • May we work together with great energy
  • May our intellect be sharpened (may our study be effective)
  • Let there be no Animosity amongst us Om,
  • Let there be peace (in me), let there be peace (in nature), let there be peace (in divine forces).

Priya geeft sinds dit seizoen op donderdagavond yoga op de traditionele Indiase manier. Yoga gaat dan veel verder dan het beheersen van een asana. Yoga is een eeuwenoude Indiase filosofie en levenswijze. Priya is een level 2 yogadocente van de Quality Council of India en betrekt het volledige yogaspectrum in haar les.

Zij heeft zoveel om met ons te delen, als je in de gelegenheid bent op donderdagavond dan zou ik zeker een keer deze bijzondere les bijwonen.

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